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Maintenance and Repairs
Coating Applications

Home Maintenance
Lowering of chimneys
Gunite linings installed and replaced
Temporary and bypass stacks furnished
Acid-proof and radial brick reconstruction
Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) ports installed/replaced
Ductwork recladding and relining
Platforms and ladders installed, repaired, and replaced
Fall prevention systems furnished and upgraded
Concrete column and brick liner tension bands repaired and replaced
Crack Monitoring and repair
Epoxy injection
Concrete restoration and waterproofing
Masonry grinding and tuckpointing
Exterior painting, lettering and logos
Concrete column and brick liner caps replaced
Liner bumper systems and counterweights repaired and maintained
Liner washdowns
Aircraft warning light systems repaired and serviced
Lightning protection systems installed/repaired and tested
Monitoring of leaning columns and liners (laser plumbness testing)
Certified welding, liner and duct patching, tension bands, and guy cables
Concrete column hammer testing, chipping, and patching
Interior sandblasting, washdowns, and flyash removal
Coatings, waterproofing, and smoke stain removal