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Home Engineering Capabilities
Engineered Inspections
Full interior and exterior chimney inspections by professional engineers with follow-up reports discussing the structural integrity and life expectancy.
Engineered Repair Solutions
Proven maintenance solutions and inspection programs by experienced chimney engineers.
Brick Liner Corrosion Analysis
Leaning Liners and Counterweights
Temporary Reinforcement systems designed for unstable chimneys.
Temporary Stacks
Design of external stacks for implementation during ongoing maintenance repairs to the chimney liner. Incorporation of temporary stacks can minimize costly downtime of chimneys to only several hours.
Stack Draft Analysis
Calculations available for new and existing stacks for any stack material, configuration, and gas flow condition.
Demolition Plans
Written demolition plans reviewed and stamped by registered professional engineers, including locating and sizing debris access opening in base.
Antenna Installation
Structural analysis of existing installations and design of antenna monitoring brackets for chimneys.